About UrbanYEG

Our Mission Inspiring creatives to grow and develop themselves, and in turn develop and grow the community around them.

Our Roots March 2015

UrbanYEG and its inception started with Chan Rin when he noticed a gap in the photographer community in Edmonton. He realized that there was nothing in place that allowed photographers to meet, connect and learn from each other despite there being a multitude of talent being showcased on Instagram.

That’s where UrbanYEG came into play.

Filling in the gap of what was missing, UrbanYEG developed into an entity that brought creatives together, inspired them, and encouraged them expand and hone in on their skills. It was a place set on supporting other creatives through the Instagram that was born. It was a place that would grow into a movement that would inspire these creatives to give back.

April - October 2015

It became apparent that if we were truly going to connect with other creatives, it had to be more than something that was just a digital platform. It had to evolve into face-to-face interactions.

That’s when Instameets were born.

We had the pleasure of welcoming 25 people to our very first Instameet back in April of 2015. Together we ventured out to explore, take photos and get to know each other a little bit better. It was clear in that moment that Instameets were something people were interested in. Since then we are proud to have had more than ten Instagram meets.

Featuring the work of other creatives in Edmonton became our drive, our mission, and we slowly began to gain recognition for ourselves and others in the community, as well as grow our team.

October 2015

October of 2015 was a major turning point for UrbanYEG. Tragically one of our community members committed suicide, and we were left with a question: what can we do?

Let’s talk about mental health

At this point, it was clear that UrbanYEG had to be more than what it already was, what it already stood for, and that a focus on mental health was the direction that we needed to go.

While we were all photographers, and we all came together because of photography, we also had other passions, aspirations and goals. The answer to our question was: give back to the community.

Mental health had to be a bigger aspect of what we were focusing on. We needed to talk more. We needed to share more. We needed to do more.


Fueled by our desire to immerse ourselves in bigger things, and support mental health and community initiatives, we now have evolved into a team of more than ten volunteers who all work together to grow our skills, whether that be photography, graphic design, marketing and more, and work together to grow the community.

We are proud to have supported numerous charities and initiatives throughout the years such as Hope Mission, The Mustard Seed and even Momentum Walk-In Counselling.

Stay tuned as we continue to dream, create, inspire, share, serve and change.