Oodle Noodle March 2018

Our goal is to continually do “more” for the creatives in the URBANYEG community. We want to help bring forward the best talent in the city through contests, fun activities and other initiatives that help support local causes. That being said, all of these things do take time, which our leadership team constantly gives, but also money. Since we are a group comprised of volunteers, and not a business, we currently have no way of funding these things.

However, that is all going to change.

We are extremely happy to have established a partnership with Oodle Noodle. The Oodle Noodle leadership team believes so much in what we do and what we stand for. We have found a community partner that is dedicated and passionate about supporting local, and wanting to help others reach their success through grassroot initiatives that URBANYEG believes in and stands behind wholeheartedly. Our values so strongly match this local business’, that a partnership to help fund contests, prizes and so much more makes complete sense. Oodle Noodle has jumped in to support us, and in turn our community of creatives, in many, many ways.

Here’s what we are able to accomplish with Oodle Noodle:

  • The Mentorship Program – this program started off by supporting 12 aspiring creatives in the community. Our team members we able to sit down with creatives in the community interested in pursuing photography as a full-time career all while enjoying food provided by Oodle Noodle.
  • Oodle Noodle Box Contest – we will be rolling out a contest where you are tasked with designing a unique Oodle Noodle Box, with a portion of the proceeds going towards mental health initiatives through Momentum Walk-In Counselling.