Community Initiatives

Community is a major part of what UrbanYEG is all about. Community is at the heart of all of our initiatives, and we continue to work with many different people in Edmonton to collaborate on projects and events that our team is passionate about.

Here are just a few.

Support for Mental Health

May of 2016 marked our first major event, fueled by the desire of our team to start supporting mental health in Edmonton.

We brought together a bunch of creatives with a focus on being together to talk about mental health, and had a number of different speakers come and share their experience with mental health, including the sisters of our community member that tragically committed suicide.

Counsellor Scott MacLean, a strong supporter of UrbanYEG, made an appearance at the event, and all of the proceeds of the night were donated to Momentum Walk-In Counselling.

We continue to find opportunities to support mental health. We have worked with Bonnie Doon multiple times, with proceeds of various events going to Momentum Walk-In Counselling.

Partnership with City of Edmonton

We have been lucky to have been approached by a number of partners whose values align with ours, such as Counsellor Scott MacLean. The city liked what we were doing with mental health, and wanted to further help extend and partner on our initiatives such as addressing urban isolation.

The goal was to join together so that the city could reach segments of people that UrbanYEG was already reaching.

Here are a few things we’ve done together:

  • Campaign Connecting YEG – this was a mental health awareness campaign where we aimed to raise mental health awareness through a photography competition. The City of Edmonton graciously helped fund a photography book where the top 30 photos were printed and sold. Only 50 were created, and the wrap-up event took place at Bonnie Doon with Counsellor Scott MacLean there to present the books to the winners.
  • Pop-Up Art Gallery – a month-long mental health awareness campaign that featured a pop-up art gallery at Bonnie Doon. There were over 30 artists that we wanted to support, and they were able to put up a couple pieces of their work, and if any of the items were sold 20% of the proceeds were given to Momentum Walk-In Counselling. People could also come in and donate freely, as well as participate in a raffle.

For the People By the People

There have been two major community events by this name with an intent to celebrate the UrbanYEG community. We worked with others to feature some local talent, such as musicians and dance crews, with all proceeds donated to Momentum Walk-In Counselling.

Volunteer Photography

We’ve volunteered our photography for a number of amazing charities in the community including:

  • Ronald Mcdonald House
  • HIV Edmonton
  • Edmonton Public Schools
  • iHuman
  • Bust a Move